Poren Chiang

Poren Chiang


Poren Chiang is a LL.M. candidate at UCLA School of Law, specialized in Digital Law and Policy.

His research agenda focuses on electronic voting and challenges posed to administrative procedures by rapid changing technology.

During his years in NTU, he redesigned the campus voting system and led the overhaul of election code in Student Congress. He had represented the Election Board as a defending counsel for five times, an all-around experience which inspired him to pursue a career in technology law.

Poren has been an active contributor of FLOSS community. He also co-founded SITCON and stood as its chief Organizer, a tech education initiative to support young programming self-starters.

He has presented before Mayor of Keelung (on technical insight) and DOIT Commissioner of Taipei (on the design of electronic voting system).

He has spoken in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Toronto, Siem Reap, Chongqing and meetups in other cities, sharing community building best-practices with local activists.

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